Our Methodology

Our farming methods strive to recreate a healthy functioning ecosystem, that unfortunately, most people rarely have the chance to experience.  As a species, humans have been very successful at eliminating predators as competitors for our food sources.  The reintroduction of the Canadian grey wolf to Yellowstone National Park, for example, has shown wildlife managers that without an apex predator, the entire ecosystem is altered. We aim to mimic the natural symbiotic balance between predator and prey by moving our herds daily, creating a system of year-round, high intensity rotational grazing.

The soil on the land we manage is one of our primary concerns.  We maintain a healthier carbon and water cycle by sequestering carbon in the soils.  Current timber industry best standard practices include chipping the wastes from harvests (which gets to be cost prohibitive with larger quantities of material), or burning it off in large piles (which is less cost prohibitive, but can demineralize the soils).  This is a practice that we wish to discourage in the industry.  We know that we can reduce the amount of carbon released atmospherically and balance our soil through the process of pyrolysis, by inoculating the residual carbon with beneficial microbes, and returning it to the soil.  We are actively seeking out timberland managers to work with in an effort to eliminate the need for synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, to improve their soils and to increase the carrying capacity for wildlife on their land.

Our Farm Products

We're currently hatching our production flock of Easter eggers with our first eggs projected to our clients' tables by May 2018.  Meat birds will become available in limited numbers around the same time at $2.60 per pound.  We can raise as many chickens as you require, whether it's for your home, your restaurant, or institution with ten week's notice and a prepaid order.  Quail are also available with a prepaid order and eight week's notice, with duck also available in the near future.  We also will incubate to any day of your choice for balut.  We are very passionate about our birds here and we're breeding rare and interesting birds for various projects, with the hope of being able to restore some diminishing breeds to their previous numbers and popularity.

Our current pricing structure for Easter egger eggs is $3.50 a dozen, with large brown eggs at $3.00 a dozen.  We're taking preorders for vegetable starts $2.00-$10.00 and hanging baskets, edible or decorative $7.00-$20.00,  succulents starts are $3.00.   We will be selling rabbit and fowl, while building our other herd populations to meet the carrying capacity of the land we have projected to manage.

All honorably separated veterans get a 38.5% discount on food purchased for their private tables and ten percent off veteran owned restaurant or institutional orders. It is also our goal to start an educational institution to teach separating veterans our methods and replicate our model so that anyone who has sacrificed for our country can earn a living and help lift up our brothers and sisters in arms in their times of need.